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I've purchased hosting and a domain name, set it all up, and there's nothing there yet, but the default directory browser thing shows up when I go to the url on my work computer, but from my home computer and a virtual machine it doesn't... Everything else works fine from home, so I wouldn't think it would be a router issue or anything like that. UPDATE: It works from my work computer, and a friend of mine's computer at her house, but not on my PC or laptop... Check your firewall, intruder detector or any other transport level service to verify you can indeed send a TCP packet on port 80 to your destination. On a mac /etc/hosts, on PC \system32\drivers\etc\hosts You'll need admin privileges to change the file sudo vim /etc/hosts (or nano or some other editer) or open the hosts file on windows by first opening notepad as an administrator then navigating to the file location (choose the option to view all files, not just text files).I've tried rebooting, unplugging cable modem and router and plugging them back in, dnsflush, turning windows firewall off, and everything i can think of... I had something like this in my hosts file: I've had the same problem.In this scenario, the central DNS servers retain control of the top level records in the subdomain (i.e. Refer to the Background Information section towards the end of this document for full details of how this works.This configuration allows the majority of Active Directory services to be registered dynamically in the DNS by the servers that run them.For example, you must update two database settings every time you use a different domain name with Word Press. These mappings mimic the function of a DNS server, and allow you to “trick” your computer into associating a domain name with a particular IP address.Pretty vague title, but basically I can only get "my site" to load from one computer. Turns out I had overridden the IP address in my hosts file (which is why it only had issues on one computer).Static IP addresses can add a lot of administrative overhead.Not only can management of static IP addresses become time consuming, but such management also increases the chances of misconfigured parameters.

Outgoing queries to this port on both TCP and UDP should be allowed by your firewall.

i don't have any idea what to do now UPDATE: This is interesting... After the whole day of trying different things, i found the problem and solution.

when I tracert from my computer it stops and gives Request Time Out one hop before getting to the actual web server. I have updated the name server for the domain, and I have two computers on the same network (at home) - one resolves the domain, and the other does not! 1) Check your physical connection is working (duh, should be). Better still, just flush it with arp -d * 2) Check if your route is working to the destination. On Windows , do a "ping" command and see if you recieve a reply or not. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

Imagine having to manually type 10,000 IP addresses and not make a single error.

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can be implemented to centralize the administration of IP addresses.

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