Carbon 14 dating seal

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Australian comedian Fiona O'Loughlin has revealed how carbon monoxide poisoning in her home almost claimed her life.Speaking to Gold104.3's Jo & Lehmo on Tuesday morning, the 53-year-old opened up about her near-death ordeal after she fell into a month-long coma.: David is seen crawling through the mastaba (tomb) of the son of Seneferu, builder of the first true pyramid in Egypt.David explains: ‘He actually built three pyramids and was the greatest pyramid builder of all time. When the mastaba was finished and the body interred, they plugged up the entrance passage to prevent tomb robbers getting in.

I'm three days out of a coma and they're like: "Yeah yeah, we're at the hospital, yep she's awake...",' Ms O'Loughlin said.'And I'm just lying there going: "What are they doing? " and Emily goes: "They're microchips in our wrists, we've all go them..."Emily added: "You know you've been in a coma for seven years? So if you're gonna to be in a coma, don't wake up with my family,' Ms O'Loughlin - who was in good spirits - said as she laughed.

But police believe Daniel Moulin, 48, and 50-year-old Gerard Dachis were overcome by carbon dioxide fumes that are given off during fermentation and collapsed.

Two amateur wine-makers have died after being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes in France Rescuers tried frantically to revive the pair but in spite of resuscitation efforts the two men did not regain conciousness.

If someone tells you to pay no attention to this and just move on…ask yourself why they are doing this and what they have to gain from keeping you in the dark.

Thursday February 25th 2016 was the day this all started.

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