Cm punk dating lita again emily osment cody linley dating

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CM Punk later made scathing accusations, regarding the WWE’s medical team, which lead to a lawsuit filed by WWE’s senior ringside physician DR Chris Amann.Lee followed the footsteps of her then-fiance and retired from the WWE.After her retirement from wrestling in 2006, she formed the punk rock band The Luchagors.

Konnan learned of this tidbit from his source within the sports-entertainment organization.Tags: # CM PUNK PLAYER, Amy Dumas, Chicago, LITA, PLAYER, TITLE, WWE, WWE CHAMP . Comments: 2 Comments Just because I did one of these of AJ Lee I thought it would be fitting to do one for the amazing Lita.According to rumor and considerable incriminating evidence 😉 see what I did there.CM Punk and AJ Lee were involved in an on-screen storyline for a major portion of 2012, with Lee trying to win Punk’s affection and then later trying to sabotage the championship reign of the WWE Champion, as the RAW general manager.After that, they never really had any on-screen stories together.

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